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Book Review: Escapement by Ciara Knight

Escapement - Ciara Knight

Title: Escapement
Author: Ciara Knight
Series: The Neumarian Chronicles #1
Genre: Young Adult, Steampunk, Dystopian, Royalty,
Publisher: Self-Publisher
Pub Date: February 26th, 2013
Pages: 360
My Copy: Bought at Authors After Dark, Author Signed it.


Book Synopsis:

Ten years after the great war of 2185 the queen’s reign is threatened by uprisings and fear. In celebration of my sixteenth birthday it is my duty as princess to sacrifice a slave to be initiated into the ruling council, solidifying my mother’s empire. When my own erratic powers surface, I’m captured and tried for treason. Slaves hate me, my mother wants me executed, and my only chance of survival rests in the hands of a young man, Ryder Arteres, whose sister I sentenced to death.


Book Review:


An incredible adventure that really was different and unlike anything that I’ve read this year. I really found myself liking Princess Semara, Ryder, and Raeth a lot as these characters are so vastly different from one another, yet find themselves in a situation that totally is beyond any of their control since they find themselves in the frying pan literally.


Right from the start you see that this world is ruled by a very evil dictator, Semara’s mother. Semara’s mother rules with an iron fist and tolerates no rebellion and does some very cruel and malicious things to extend her rule. Semara knows what her mother is doing wrong, but doesn’t want to do the things her mother has been asking. Yet she does them because she is afraid of her mother’s wrath. Her mother’s wrath is legendary and her mother, the Queen, doesn’t tolerate any disobedience. Semara is starting to question what is right and wrong. Decisions really are things that Semara gets to make. She is a tool for her mother to use in what ever way she wants. Yet Semara finds that when forced to do certain things, she is uncomfortable.


Then something happens that changes when she does something unexpected. Semara finds out that she has powers and that her mother is trying to control her through the use of an implant that can control her. Also her mother has put together an arranged marriage but Semara can’t stand the General. The General gives Semara the creeps and she really doesn’t want to marry him, so her use of powers makes her mother scared and her mother wants Semara to obey her, but then with her powers, she finds herself no more than a slave, but thanks to Ryder trying to help his sister Raeth, all of sudden, they decide to help Semara out and what Semara does with her abilities is really an awesome ability even if she don’t know how to control it.


This book was like a rollercoaster of action. I felt like at times I was reading a rollercoaster as Semara, Ryder, Raeth all are on the run and having to run from one place to another to try to get to the rebellion who can help her possibly defeat her mother. A lot of the slaves want freedom and escape to the wasteland, but things are getting bad and that people want freedom and are willing to risk their lives to get rid of the evil queen.


Also Semara and Ryder really start to fall for one another. I thought that this was one of the more interesting romances. Since these two really don’t come from the same world, but find that they both want freedom and forge a path that’s all their own. I really like how they both don’t trust each other, but learn how to trust each other through their many adventures through out the book. Plus there’s a prophecy that may or may not come true. Prophecies are weird things sometimes because they make our heroes strive for something bigger than themselves. I think Semara and Ryder help each other grow as characters. Plus they find themselves together in the end.


I felt that this was a really good book and I’m glad that I took a chance on this book. Plus I want to read more of this world that Ciara Knight has created.




4.5 Hearts